3 Things Aggravate Knee Pain After Biking and How to Ease It

knee pain after biking

Knee pain after biking. If you’re a cyclist, those words might stir up a familiar ache, a twinge that signals the end of an exhilarating ride. You’re not alone in this struggle. Picture this: you’ve just completed a scenic trail, the wind rushing past, the sun on your skin. But as you dismount your bike,…

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Runners Knee Stretches: Top 5 Stretches Every Runner Needs to Know

runners knee stretches blog cover

Runners knee stretches are more than just exercises; they’re a runner’s companion on the path to pain-free running. Imagine the exhilarating feeling of the wind against your face, your feet rhythmically hitting the ground, and that sense of freedom that comes with a good run. Now, imagine being held back by the sharp, nagging discomfort…

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Is It Safe To Exercise in Cold Weather?

stretching outdoors

Braving the chill for a workout session might seem daunting, but exercise in cold weather can be incredibly refreshing and invigorating if done right. In this blog post, we’ll go through key considerations and provide practical tips to ensure your winter workouts are not only safe but also effective. More Posts Like This From Intecore:…

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What Are Lumbar Support Braces, And Do I Need One?

Elderly men with back pain support belt or medical belt, orthopedic lumbar support.

Back pain affects millions of people in America, with chronic pain affecting up to 35% of adults. Pain not only interferes with your daily activities but can negatively impact your mental health and overall quality of life. The good news is that natural remedies are available, so you don’t have to resort to pain pills,…

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Does Physical Therapy For Vertigo Work?

Woman with vertigo. Young female patient suffering from dizziness.

Do you suffer from vertigo? Are you dizzy or unsteady on your feet? Nauseous and feel like you’re on a boat? If so, you could be among millions of Americans suffering from vertigo. Vertigo is one of the most common conditions reported to doctors. Statistics suggest that almost 40% of adults suffer from the condition…

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Is Physical Therapy Safe For My Child?

Rehabilitating after injury, in a friendly atmosphere

The natural assumption for most people revolves around the concept that physical therapy is for adults. After all, children don’t really suffer from the degenerative effects of aging. It’s quite the opposite. Right? Well, you need to remember that health conditions and accidents can happen to anyone – regardless of gender or age. It’s not…

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The Importance Of Staying Hydrated In Summer Weather 

When you really feel thirsty

Enjoying the summer, but feeling lethargic, dizzy, or unwell? Chances are, you aren’t getting enough water. You could be in danger of dehydration. Here’s how you can avoid disaster. We are always told about the importance of drinking enough water. It’s almost like we are installed with a constant nagging doubt about our fluid intake. …

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The Morning Stretches You Can Do To Avoid Pain

morning stretches

Does your body always feel stiff and sore? Are you stretching every day? Most people aren’t. In our quest to remain healthy and fit, we think about working out at the gym, walking, jogging, etc. Unfortunately, most of us are usually guilty of focusing a little too much on how we look, instead of how…

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Keep You On Track This Year

make new year's resolutions

It’s the start of a fresh year, and that almost always means one thing; you are looking to better yourself.  Most of us make a New Year’s Resolution – drink less alcohol, earn more money, get healthier – but this ‘new you’ only lasts a matter of weeks. Before we know it, the daily pressures…

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Can Exercise Help My Covid Recovery?  

Exercise at Sunset

After any period of illness that causes inactivity, your muscles can deteriorate and become weaker than normal. It’s why exercise is so important for getting back to health.  When asking a physical therapist, you’ll always be told how imperative it is to return to previous levels of activity. They may even tell you to aim…

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