What Causes Pain Between Shoulder Blades?

woman with Pain Between Shoulder Blade

Pain between shoulder blades can feel like an unwelcome guest that overstays its welcome, turning every movement into a reminder of its presence. Whether it creeps up on you during a long day at the desk or announces itself with a sharp jolt after a workout, this type of discomfort is incredibly frustrating. Many of…

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Why You Should Get Physical Therapy For Post-Car Accident Back Pain Treatment

physical therapy for back pain after car accident

Back pain after a car accident can quickly become a burden on your daily life. The good news is that physical therapy offers a path toward relief. Through a combination of exercises, stretches, and manual techniques, a skilled physical therapist can strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation. Physical therapy goes beyond temporary comfort—it…

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Experience Lasting Relief: 5 Proven Strategies for Lower Back and Hip Pain

woman wth lower back and hip pain

Are you tired of living with chronic lower back and hip pain? Discover effective solutions to alleviate your discomfort and experience long-term relief. This article provides five scientifically-backed strategies that target the root causes of lower back and hip pain. Say goodbye to constant discomfort and start enjoying a pain-free life today! More Posts Like…

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How To Sleep with Sciatica and Back Pain

woman sleeping with sciatica

Have you ever wondered why sciatica seems to flare up more at night, disrupting your much-needed sleep? Sciatica, a condition that causes pain along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down to each leg, can significantly impact your sleep and your overall quality of life. This condition is typically caused by issues…

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Major Causes of Back Spasms and How To Alleviate the Pain

Causes of back spasms man with blue shirt having a back spasm

Wondering what might be the causes of back spasms? Imagine this: You’re bending over to pick up something off the floor, and suddenly, there’s a sharp, seizing pain in your back – a muscle spasm. It’s a scenario we at our clinic hear often. As the owner of a physical therapy clinic, I’ve seen countless…

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Preventing Back Injuries During Holiday Decorating: Tips and Techniques

Preventing Back Injuries while decorating christmas tree

The holidays are upon us, bringing joy, festivities, and, yes, the annual tradition of holiday decorating. But amidst the twinkling lights and festive ornaments, there’s a less talked about aspect of the season – the risk of back injuries. As a physical therapist, I’ve seen how common it is for people to experience back pain…

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3 Back-Saving Tips for Raking Leaves Safely

wheelbarrow full after raking leaves

As the vibrant hues of fall foliage grace our yards, raking leaves becomes a common item on our to-do lists. But did you know that raking leaves can lead to unwanted back pain if not done correctly? I’ve encountered numerous cases at our clinics where improper techniques have led to strains and discomfort. That’s why…

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Things To Avoid With Cervical Spinal Stenosis

physical therapy for back pain

Have you or someone you love been told that you have cervical stenosis? Are you looking for tips on how to manage the condition? We can help. But let’s start with what it is.  Underneath the hood – your spine is made up of interconnected vertebrae and soft disks forming a canal that the spinal…

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What Is Radiculopathy?

man holding his back from Radiculopathy

Are you getting super-sharp, stabbing pains in your back, arms, or legs? Do you feel some muscle weakness in these areas? If so, it could be radiculopathy (otherwise known as a pinched nerve). Well, what is radiculopathy? When you have a nerve that gets “pinched” at the root inside the spinal cord, it’s medically known…

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Can My Lower Back Pain Be Cured?

Can My Lower Back Pain Be Cured?

Have you had lower back pain for a long time? Are you worried that it’s never going to go away? We know that dealing with chronic daily back pain is lonely, but it might help you see that you’re not alone. One of the most common ailments that affect people in America and worldwide is…

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