3 Back-Saving Tips for Raking Leaves Safely

wheelbarrow full after raking leaves

As the vibrant hues of fall foliage grace our yards, raking leaves becomes a common item on our to-do lists. But did you know that raking leaves can lead to unwanted back pain if not done correctly? I’ve encountered numerous cases at our clinics where improper techniques have led to strains and discomfort. That’s why…

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Things To Avoid With Cervical Spinal Stenosis

physical therapy for back pain

Have you or someone you love been told that you have cervical stenosis? Are you looking for tips on how to manage the condition? We can help. But let’s start with what it is.  Underneath the hood – your spine is made up of interconnected vertebrae and soft disks forming a canal that the spinal…

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What Is Radiculopathy?

man holding his back from Radiculopathy

Are you getting super-sharp, stabbing pains in your back, arms, or legs? Do you feel some muscle weakness in these areas? If so, it could be radiculopathy (otherwise known as a pinched nerve). Well, what is radiculopathy? When you have a nerve that gets “pinched” at the root inside the spinal cord, it’s medically known…

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Can My Lower Back Pain Be Cured?

Can My Lower Back Pain Be Cured?

Have you had lower back pain for a long time? Are you worried that it’s never going to go away? We know that dealing with chronic daily back pain is lonely, but it might help you see that you’re not alone. One of the most common ailments that affect people in America and worldwide is…

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The Dangers Of Poor Posture

Correct spine posture, bad walking position

How important is good posture? How dangerous is poor posture? The answers may well surprise you. Let’s take a look together.  How do you feel your posture is?  Normal? In need of improvement?  Good? Bad?  Not 100% sure? Unless you pay close attention to your posture all day, or have the structure of a world-class…

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Is My Chest Pain Serious And What Help Can I Get?

pain on side of chest

  Feeling chest pain can cause no end of panic. Your first thought will naturally turn towards your heart.  Am I having a heart attack?  Now – let’s make this crystal clear. The pain of a heart attack is different to something like a pulled muscle in your chest.  Heart attack pain causes a dull…

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What Is Spinal Stenosis, And How Can I Get Relief?

stretch your back to prevent stenosis

Do you or someone you love have stenosis of the spine? If you’re not 100% sure what stenosis of the spine is at this point, it is when the space between the spine begins to narrow – for one of a multitude of different reasons that we’ll come to later. This narrowing can lead to…

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I Have Pain That Shoots Down My Hip And Leg. Help!

hip joint radiography scan

Modern daily life can put strain on our hip joints and our legs. And the more overweight you are, the higher the risk of joint pain.  Weight loss is often the best course of action in dealing with joint pain, and with almost 70% of Northern Americans being overweight, it’s common to leave the explanation…

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The Morning Stretches You Can Do To Avoid Pain

morning stretches

Does your body always feel stiff and sore? Are you stretching every day? Most people aren’t. In our quest to remain healthy and fit, we think about working out at the gym, walking, jogging, etc. Unfortunately, most of us are usually guilty of focusing a little too much on how we look, instead of how…

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How Can I Relieve My Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain in men

Have you got shoulder pain that is affecting your quality of life? Are you desperate for some relief from the pain and discomfort? Experiencing shoulder pain is quite common among men and women, especially in older adults. But no two cases of shoulder pain are the same. So to treat your case effectively and relieve…

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