What Is Radiculopathy?

man holding his back from Radiculopathy

Are you getting super-sharp, stabbing pains in your back, arms, or legs? Do you feel some muscle weakness in these areas? If so, it could be radiculopathy (otherwise known as a pinched nerve). Well, what is radiculopathy? When you have a nerve that gets “pinched” at the root inside the spinal cord, it’s medically known…

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Should I Be Worried About My Daily Neck Pain?

man sitting at desk holding his neck in pain

Is your neck ALWAYS sore? Daily neck pain and worrying about neck pain can become a vicious circle, with the stress and anxiety of the daily pain causing more pain and vice versa. Not to mention the pain keeping you awake at night, which makes pain and stress, and anxiety even worse. So, if you…

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What Is Spinal Stenosis, And How Can I Get Relief?

What Is Stenosis Of The Spine, And How Can I Get Relief?

Do you or someone you love have stenosis of the spine? If you’re not 100% sure what stenosis of the spine is at this point, it is when the space between the spine begins to narrow – for one of a multitude of different reasons that we’ll come to later. This narrowing can lead to…

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Can Neck Pain Cause Headaches?

Can Neck Pain Cause Headaches? - Depositphotos 16779327 l 2015

Headaches. They’re a real pain in the neck. The author Mark Lawrence famously said, “Some pain you can distance yourself from, but a headache sits right where you live.” ‘Ain’t that the truth? When you have a headache, there is no escape – all doors are closed. It’s like the constant, repetitive beat of a…

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Neck Pain: How To Apply Heat Therapy

Neck Pain: How To Apply Heat Therapy - Depositphotos 42558553 xl 2015

Do you have neck pain right now? We feel your pain. Issues with the neck, the upper quadrant of the spine, and the muscles and tendons surrounding the neck can cause severe pain and discomfort. It’s the type of pain that is hard to escape, too, because your neck is an integral part of your…

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Coping with Covid: What to do when sheltering in place

Coping with Covid: What to do when sheltering in place - Covid Coping

For most of us, our entire world is turned upside down.  Kids are not going to school, employees are not going to work, and many people do not leave their house.  As the old adage goes “this too shall pass” but currently we are living in a never imagined situation.  Here are four simple tips…

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What Do Your Shoes Have to Say About You?

What Do Your Shoes Have to Say About You? - Shoe Pic

Forget about reading palms, try reading the soles of your shoes! By analyzing the bottom of our shoes, we can gain some pretty neat information about our physical body. If you have a pair of shoes you have worn for a few months you may be able to see uneven foot patterns, meaning that the…

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Holiday Traveling with Pain

Holiday Traveling with Pain - AdobeStock 257859863

If you suffer pain, daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and daily tasks can be difficult and exhausting. Add to that the constant pain is invisible to those on the outside and can flare without warning.  This pain should prevent you from traveling during the holidays, it just requires some extra precautions and planning. Before…

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Reclaim Your Life After Your Chronic Pain Diagnosis

Reclaim Your Life After Your Chronic Pain Diagnosis - Picture1 1

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, you’re likely still reeling from the news. You may be shocked by your diagnosis and desperate for answers from your doctor. Being told you have a chronic pain condition can be a turning point in your life, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all…

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Six Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy Visits

Six Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy Visits - AdobeStock 113268373

To some people, physical therapy is the unknown, not knowing what to expect at the first and subsequent appointments.  To others, going to physical therapy is old hat just like their hair dresser or barber. They have had multiple surgeries or injuries and the physical therapist has become part of their extended family. Here are a few…

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