5 Simple Frozen Shoulder Exercises to Avoid Painkillers and Surgery

a close up of a hand on a woman's shoulder doing frozen shoulder exercises

Have you ever felt like your shoulder was literally freezing up on you? If you’re struggling with a frozen shoulder, you’re not alone. Frozen shoulder exercises can be your key to unlocking stiffness and discomfort, providing a natural alternative to more invasive treatments. Known medically as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is characterized by significant pain…

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How Physical Therapy Can Aid in Managing Chronic Illness

physical therapy for chronic illness

Chronic illness, a term you might have heard before but might not fully understand, refers to a long-term health condition that persists for an extended period, typically longer than three months. These conditions often have no cure and can significantly impact a person’s daily life and overall well-being. Examples of chronic illnesses include arthritis, fibromyalgia,…

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Why Regular Body Maintenance is Crucial for Long-Term Health

body maintenance with physical therapy

Just as regular servicing is essential for a car’s longevity, body maintenance plays a vital role in sustaining long-term health and preventing injuries. Much like neglecting a car can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs, ignoring your body’s maintenance needs can set you up for chronic conditions and can suck the enjoyment out of life.…

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3 Things That Aggravate Knee Pain After Biking and How to Ease It

knee pain after biking

Knee pain after biking. If you’re a cyclist, those words might stir up a familiar ache, a twinge that signals the end of an exhilarating ride. You’re not alone in this struggle. Picture this: you’ve just completed a scenic trail, the wind rushing past, the sun on your skin. But as you dismount your bike,…

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What Causes Pain Between Shoulder Blades?

woman with Pain Between Shoulder Blade

Pain between shoulder blades can feel like an unwelcome guest that overstays its welcome, turning every movement into a reminder of its presence. Whether it creeps up on you during a long day at the desk or announces itself with a sharp jolt after a workout, this type of discomfort is incredibly frustrating. Many of…

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Why You Should Get Physical Therapy For Post-Car Accident Back Pain Treatment

physical therapy for back pain after car accident

Back pain after a car accident can quickly become a burden on your daily life. The good news is that physical therapy offers a path toward relief. Through a combination of exercises, stretches, and manual techniques, a skilled physical therapist can strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation. Physical therapy goes beyond temporary comfort—it…

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Radiculopathy vs Neuropathy: What’s the Difference?

woman suffering with neuropathy in the foot

Navigating the complex world of nerve-related conditions can be tricky, especially when it comes to understanding the differences between the different types! As a physical therapist, I often encounter patients who are confused about radiculopathy vs neuropathy, and it’s easy to see why. Though they share some similarities, radiculopathy and neuropathy are distinct conditions with…

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5 Holiday Season Stress Relief Tactics for a More Joyful Thanksgiving

busting holiday season stress family around the table

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisp, the holiday season rolls in, bringing its own blend of joy, excitement, and, let’s face it, stress. The anticipation of Thanksgiving, with all its warmth and family gatherings, can also bring in a whirlwind of tasks and expectations with it. But what if this year…

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Essential Fall Prevention: Expert Physical Therapy Tips

fall prevention older man falling to ground

Introduction Why Fall Prevention is Important When we step into retirement, or have family and friends who do, fall prevention becomes a topic that we start to think about. It’s not about wrapping ourselves or our loved ones in bubble wrap, but about fostering a lifestyle where each step is taken with confidence, and thankfully…

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What Is High-Intensity Interval Training, And Is It Safe?

Beautiful caucasian woman jumping and running in place for a high intensity interval training. Female athlete with a strong core doing cardio and HIIT

If you like staying active and want to take your fitness to the next level, you’re probably keen to learn more about high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Everyone is talking about it. High-intensity interval training is a special form of exercise that combines bursts of intense activity with lower-intensity rest periods for a time-saving and effective…

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