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"Intecore Physical Therapy has been my lifeline to maintaining my physical health"


"I have to say that Intecore Physical Therapy in Aliso Viejo has been my lifeline to maintaining my physical health. Been a patient for a while. I've had very successful sessions with great results. As an aging individual, I appreciate the time and care the staff takes in answering my questions. Jackie is very good with insurance. Quinn was very attentive to follow through with the required exercises and Lauren is so helpful going through all the scenarios needed to maintain muscle strength. I will miss all of them, but I know where to come if I'm ever in need of more physical therapy."


"Physical Therapy at Intecore PT is the gift that keeps on giving!"


"I had been having significant lower back pain for more than a year. I finally went for an MRI and the diagnosis was desiccated, slipped and bulging discs in my lumbar spine. No wonder I was in pain. The worst was the mornings, when I first woke up. It took a few hours to get myself moving and ready to greet the day...

In my 30s and 40s I ran marathons, ultramarathons and mountain marathons.  I skied for many years. I also worked in roles that required a lot of travel and a lot of desk time. I stopped these activities (including working!) when I hit my 50s. I focused on swimming (long distance and open water swims) and began yoga, walking and Pilates. My back issues sometimes affected my flip turns and sometimes affected my yoga and Pilates. Since my plan is to continue these four activities into my old age, I decided to go see if PT would help reduce or eliminate my back pain.

My first appointment at Intecore was with Lauren, who evaluated me and interviewed me. She gave me 8 exercises to do that day. I did them for a week and upon my return I ran through my exercises with Michael who had helpful tips and a lot of encouragement to give me. When I met with Lauren on that visit, she asked how I was, I offered that my back seemed a bit better but that mornings were still rough. She suggested I do a few of the exercises on the bed before I got up for the day. I did this for about four days and then I noticed: I was not in pain. At all. So, pain relief happened 2 weeks and 4 days after I started PT.  I saw Lauren a third time two weeks later and teared up when I told her that my pain was gone and that I had expected to live an uncomfortable life from here on out and that my expectations are now changed: I expect to live an active and pain free life. Lauren celebrated with me and gave me 3 more exercises to do. The total current menu of exercises for me is 12.

I have one more visit with Lauren next week. I look forward to telling her that my pain continues to be abated and I look forward to a few more exercises.

For the first 2 weeks, I did all 8 exercises and then all 9 exercises each day. Now, I make sure I do at least 6 exercises each day. Sometimes I work all 6 at once. Sometimes I do all 12 and break it up to 6 in the AM and 6 in the PM. The nice thing is that I am never bored and I feel stronger in those areas that my exercises target. This month I took off 5 days from doing my PT exercises. This didn’t seem to have a negative effect on my pain abatement. But I must say that a day without my PT feels like an incomplete day. I am a PT believer. If you do the work, it works! 

Here’s how PT is the gift that keeps giving. My swimming is faster (thank you, core strength). My yoga/Pilates is better because I have greater strength and improved balance due to stronger legs. My walking is more fun because my posture is better. The final gift is that my newly found core strength has started to redefine my waist. NICE!"

Lauren Pai

"I knew in a heartbeat I'd be taken well care of"


"Everyone on staff has been amazing! They care not only for my physical well being, but they genuinely care about the person in front of them. They listen and respond to everything I've said during my rehab. While I hope I never have to come back, I know in a heartbeat I'll be well taken care of!"


"I've enjoyed coming to Intecore Physical Therapy for years!"


"I have been coming to Intecore Physical Therapy for years. They always do a great job, I love it!"


"Intecore Physical Therapy is a great place, 10 stars out of 10!"


"Josh, Claire and Kristina are a dream recovery team! After multiple shoulder dislocations, I required an open shoulder surgery and was told it would be a 6-12 month recovery.

I couldn't move my arm for the first month. After that, Josh had me moving and got my range of motion and strength to the best it's been in years. The team is fun, professional and effective!

Intecore PT is a great place, 10 stars out of 10!"


"This amazing team is very professional, fun, easy to talk and laugh with, and become friends."


"This is my second time choosing Intecore Aliso Viejo as my Physical Therapy Professionals. I entered with a fractured shoulder and a fractured hip, using a walker and very little use of my arm. For each and every issue that came up during my recovery especially when I returned to work part time, this amazing staff had the perfect solution leading to my recovery and life. This amazing team is very professional, fun, easy to talk and laugh with, and become friends. I am grateful for Intecore Aliso Viejo and each staff member; Heather, Quinn, Jackie, and Lauren."

Amanda Ries

"Intecore Physical Therapy really care about you and your needs"


"From day one the front desk, to Curtis and Pat and all the physical therapist aides, they all seem to really care about you and your health problems. They develop a course of exercises to improve your specific needs to attain good health. All the employees here are considerate and willing to help on these exercises. They offer insight on how to improve your technique and when to increase your workload without causing pain. If we extend too much and I feel too much soreness the next day, on my next visit we back off until the soreness is gone. They also work on setting up your schedule to fit your needs."


"I'm in less pain and have greater mobility!"


"I really like everybody working at Intecore PT. Everybody is really friendly and accommodating. They talk with the patients and ask great questions. They help people feel good and relaxed. My neck feels so much better after treatment, I'm in less pain and have greater mobility. Thank you for all of your help!"

Amanda Ries

"Before PT, I struggled with balance and impact work; now, I'm confident in both!"


"Great experience overall. Very educated and kind team. Before PT I had a hard time getting my balance and impact work controlled, now I am confident to do both!"


"Intecore Physical Therapy is friendly, knowledgable and essential for recovery"


"I have been coming to physical therapy here at Intecore since it was Foothill Ranch PT. I have come for various needs including my knee and most recently post shoulder surgery. All of the staff are great, they are friendly and knowledgeable. The physical therapy treatment that I have received has helped in my recovery. I would recommend Intecore Physical Therapy to others."

Amanda Ries

"I am really thankful and appreciative of the kindness and helpfulness of all the staff at Intecore"


"I have to say that as a 59 year old woman with a lot of different pains in my back and neck, physical therapy has helped me very much. I believe that the various sophisticated exercises have saved me from the terrible back and neck pain. I am really thankful and appreciative of the kindness and helpfulness of all the staff at Intecore. The front desk girl is always pleasing and helpful. Thank you all of you guys, especially my dear Heather."


"I have been coming here for many years and without fail every time has been an amazing experience"


"I have been coming here for many years and without fail every time has been an amazing experience. Every time I have been here I set goals for myself to get better and they help me reach them. I have had six right shoulder surgeries and every time I had my goals reached and they listened and helped when I had concerns. Thank you everyone for all that you have done for me. I can”t express how much it means!"

Amanda Ries

"The Intecore team is so friendly and caring. They’re some of the best people!"


"I have had knee problems for two years and had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair seven months ago. I struggled a lot, but couldn’t have done it without Intecore. I feel back to normal! The Intecore team is so friendly and caring. They’re some of the best people!"


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy"


"My experiences at Intecore Physical Therapy have been nothing short of exceptional. 

As a repeat customer, I've had the privilege of receiving physical therapy for three separate surgeries/injuries, and each time, I've been thoroughly impressed by the level of care and expertise provided.

From personalized treatment plans to state-of-the-art equipment, Intecore offers comprehensive rehabilitation services that truly stand out.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy. Their commitment to excellence, combined with their compassionate approach to patient care, sets them apart in the field. If you're looking for effective rehabilitation tailored to your needs, look no further than Intecore Physical Therapy."

Amanda Ries

"I'd recommend Intecore Physical Therapy to anyone who needs some help!"


"The PT exercises helped me lower the pain in my left leg caused by irritated sciatic nerve. I'd gladly recommend this facility to any one who needs it!"


"Every time I visit, I feel confident that I will be taken care of"


"My name is Vipul and I have been going to Intecore Physical Therapy since May of 2023. I think all the staff there are very friendly, easy to work with, and accommodating to my schedule. Every time I visit I feel confident that I will be taken care there."

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