The Problems With Low Back Pain and Opioids

The Problems With Low Back Pain and Opioids - Michele K

Recently, physicians across the United States received a letter from the Surgeon General of the United States urging them to assist with the battle of curbing opioid use and abuse.  The letter was accompanied by useful information that presented physical therapy as a preferred first-line approach for low back pain.  In the past few years the use of opioid pain medication has become significant and the side effects have become of concern.  Recent studies show that opioids are used before physical therapy and other effective modalities by a 5 to 1 ratio.  Why is this?  Simple, opioids are cheaper for insurance companies.

Here is a story about Michele who suffers from chronic low back pain and was given the route of opioid medications.  She explains how physical therapy returned her back to her normal life.

The Problems With Low Back Pain and Opioids - Michele K

“Four years ago, I had back surgery (micro discectomy) after suffering with chronic pain for several months.  After three epidurals, the back surgery was scheduled and the results were quite successful.  A few months ago, I again started experiencing the same back pain and spasms. My orthopedic prescribed PT.  When I’ve needed PT in the past, I’ve always preferred it in Dana Point where I live. This time, I thought it might be more convenient to go to someplace close to my office in Foothill Ranch. Lucky for me I chose Intecore…

I’ve just finished six weeks of PT, and I have to say I have not felt this good in many, many months.  Many of the exercises were not easy, to which Bradon and the lovely Ashley were sympathetic, but they were encouraging, gentle, and genuinely interested in my success. I am now able to tolerate a longer walk, get up from my desk chair without grimacing from a spasm, and sleeping through the night without a pain pill.  They also raised my awareness of daily activities that can help and hinder my progress.  After two sessions, I knew my routine and which exercises to do. And although it seemed as if I was working out on my own, Ashley somehow always knew if I missed one … which told me that they were mindful and watchful over everything I did. It was quite comforting.”

Michele K. 62, Dana Point

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Andrew Vertson

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