Low Back Pain in Life

Did you know, about 80% of all people can expect to suffer from some sort of disruptive low back pain during their life? The good news is if you begin, and stick to, the right type of exercise program you might be able to avoid the recurrence of low back pain.

Back Pain.

Lower back pain develops for many reasons, some of those include lifestyle, genetics, ergonomics, sports injuries, and just bad luck. In many cases the underlying cause is unknown. Unfortunately, nearly 75 percent of people who have had one debilitating episode of lower back pain will have another within a year. These repeated bouts can set off what doctors and researchers call a “spiral of decline,” in which someone takes to his or her couch because of the pain; this inactivity weakens muscles and joints. This leads to more pain and more inactivity, and the spiral accelerates.
Educational efforts by themselves showed essentially zero ability to prevent a recurrence of back pain, the researchers found. Back belts and orthotics likewise were almost completely ineffective, leaving people who employed either of those methods very prone to experiencing more back pain within a year.

Exercise combined with education reduced the risk of an episode of low back pain in the next year by 45 percent. In other words, it almost halved the risk. The end result was that if someone with a history of back pain exercised in a regular way, he or she was considerably less likely to be felled by more back pain within a year.

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