Can Walking Be Bad For My Knees?”

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We had a sweet woman in our Orange clinic last week who asked us this question… “Can walking be bad for my knees?” She mentioned she’s started to experience knee pain a few years ago when walking down the stairs and thought nothing of it. She thought it was just something that would “wear off”…

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Tips for a Safe and Healthy Summer Season!

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With summer here, we venture outdoors to cool off in the pool or beach.  We dust off the bar-b-que, and we spend more time soaking in the vitamin D.  Here are three tips to help enjoy the sunshine and family fun safely! The middle of the day (10 am to 4pm) is when the sun…

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What You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapy

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If you are “new” to physical therapy then chances are you don’t know much about this specialized field of health care. You might think of physical therapists as just massage therapists or personal trainers. This is quite far from the truth, but don’t feel bad! There are many, people who are uneducated about what a physical therapist…

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Have you been told you need surgery?

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“I have to get surgery for my torn meniscus. I’m going to be out of commission for a while.” “My back problems have gotten so bad that my doctor says I need surgery to repair the herniated disk.” “The MRI doesn’t look so good. Hopefully the surgery will be a quick fix.” Do any of…

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5 Great Things To Do In Orange County If You Didn’t Have Back Pain

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Orange County is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From challenging mountain hiking trails, attractions to visit with the kids or grandkids to amazing beaches, there is a range of different activities.  There’s something for everyone! Living in Orange County means you can walk and hike through mountain ranges, see beautiful…

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Do you Suffer from Gluteal Amnesia?

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There is a new phenomenon being seen across the country…patients suffering from gluteal amnesia.  Yes, you read that right…gluteal amnesia!  If you are suffering from consistent knee, lower back, shoulder, or groin injuries, you could be suffering from gluteal amnesia.   What the heck is gluteal amnesia?  Simply, the gluteal muscles forget what they need…

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Why physical therapy, after an injury or surgery, is a must and not an option!

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If you want your body to be as strong as it was before an injury, then every injury from a torn ACL to sprained ankle must come packaged with physical therapy.  A consistent rehab program is essential for active people who want to return stronger than before the injury. After an injury occurs, the body…

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Surprising Ways a Physical Therapist Can Help You

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When someone hears the words physical therapy there is very a common misconception of what physical therapy is.  Many people think of just helping an athlete after a major injury while others think massage or personal training.  With today’s sub-specialties, physical therapists can actually help in many ways patients don’t typically expect. When people hear…

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You Shouldn’t Ignore Those Aches and Pains

Can Walking Be Bad For My Knees?” - shoulder pain

Prior injuries, lack of physical activity, and existing chronic conditions increase the risk of injury. The pain felt may range from mild ache to a sharp, severe, pain. It is common for people to assume a good night’s sleep will cure the pain.  Often this pain worsens the next morning. When the muscles and joints…

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Broken Resolutions???…Don’t Stress…!!!

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It’s that time of year again, a new year and more New Year’s resolutions. Facebook is covered with posts on New Year goals, friends and family are asking…everyone wants to know what you will stick to in 2017. Each year, you promise yourself that you’ll do this or you won’t do that. Then most of…

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