“Oh My Aching Back from the 4th of July!”

Did you know that 80% of America’s population will suffer from lower back pain at some time in our lives? I suspect today, July 5th, that number will be higher. Why you ask? Sitting too much yesterday…especially for those fireworks displays! For many people, sitting in any position for any length of time produces no…

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Protecting Your Back When Lifting

Have you ever tried to lift a heavy box and felt the strain in your back afterwards? Your back is very important! It is equally important to protect it so that it can serve you for the long run. Here are some tips to protect your back when lifting heavy items. When lifting you should bend both…

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A Pain In the Back

The Role of an MRI with Lumbar/Spine Pain Low back pain is the most common cause of disability and lost work time in industrialized countries. Research suggests that 80% of those who experience back pain recover in 6-8 weeks and do not require extensive treatment. It is important to note that recurrences and flare-ups of low…

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