Big Insurance wants to FULLY dictate your Care!

A few months back I told you about Anthem/Blue Cross and their desire to bring in a third party (OrthoNet) to determine your physical therapy care.

This third party would approve, or deny, your care regardless of what your physician, or physical therapist, felt was necessary.

Anthem/Blue Cross did not communicate this to the state department of managed care, and that department is now looking in to the situation.

You, as a consumer, have an opportunity to voice your displeasure to the department of managed care.

I have spoken with physical therapists in other states where OrthoNet is prevalent, and the results are not good.

OrthoNet does not perform a full medical review before making determinations, rather these determinations are made by financial metrics instead.  You pay for your health insurance, and you understand the value of physical therapy.

Why should a third party, who has never once examined you, make a decision on your care?

What can you do?  It is simple, you can voice your opinion.

1.  Call Bernice Davis at the Department of Managed Health Care Provider Complaint Line (916) 255-2454 to voice your opposition.

If Bernice is not in or it goes to voicemail, please call the general Provider Complaint Line number at (877) 525-1295.  It is imperative that you talk to a person rather than just leaving a message.

2.  Email BOTH of the following addresses summarizing your opposition: and the general Provider Complaint Unit email  Fax the Department of Managed Health Care Provider Complaint Line (916) 255-2282.  Include information as in the email theme above.

4.  Sign the petition below opposing the Anthem-OrthoNet relationship. <<click here>>

Every letter, every phone call matters!  Please help save your quality physical therapy care!

Andrew Vertson

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