Research shows we all need sleep, although some of us think we don’t need as much as others. Sleep is vital to our health and well being. When we have pain or stress our sleep can be interrupted.

Individuals with shoulder pain often require sleeping sitting up, especially after surgery. There are wedges and pillows that make this more comfortable. Recliners are also very helpful in this time.

Quiet time prior to bed such as reading or a warm bath can help ease us into sleep, but having the television on may be too bright or distracting to allow one to fall asleep.

If you feel tired when you get up in the morning or lag in energy mid-day, you may not be getting enough quality sleep. If you wake with headaches you may be grinding or clenching your teeth when you sleep. If your partner tells you that you snore loudly our suck in air, you may have sleep apnea where you actually stop breathing intermittently in your sleep. These sleep issues need to be discussed with your primary doctor as they can lead to more serious health issues.

Lisa Meyerhof-Jones MSPT


Andrew Vertson

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