Two Steps To Be A Healthier Person

Two Steps To Be A Healthier Person - family running

Even with our best intentions, trying to be healthy seems like a tough hill to climb.  It is hard to start, and even more hard to stay motivated.   Actually, living a healthy life is quite the opposite.  Follow these two simple steps to start your road to a healthier you.


Eating healthy shouldn’t be a numbers game, constantly measuring amounts, reading labels, and going to extremes.  The simple solution is to play a game of colors on your plate.  If your food is green, read, or brown your food will help meet your nutrient requirements!  As for portion control, keep your portions the size of your closed fist, this will ensure you have the right amount.

The Centers for Disease control (CDC) recommends adults exercise at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, yet studies show many people do not exercise to that amount.  New evidence shows that even an hour of physical activity in a week may be linked to a 15% drop mortality.  Any activity has been shown to improve health and wellness.

Getting healthier is a worthy goal and can lead to a happier life.  Health professionals are able to help get you there.  Getting some exercise every week and eating colorful meals are two simple ways to live a healthier life.  Do you need help?  Click Here to have a physical therapist to show you how to get started!

Andrew Vertson

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