Claudia And Her Low Back


I’d like to introduce you to “Claudia.”   Claudia is a 37-year-old woman who came to Intecore Physical Therapy with persistent low back pain that she had been suffering with for about one year.  One day, a few weeks prior to starting physical therapy, she was going to take her child to soccer practice but when she went to stand up and she couldn’t move…she was stuck, couldn’t move at all.  Once again, she thought if she took it easy her pain would go away but that never happened.  She was in fear…how could she take care of her children?  How could she take care of her husband and her household?

Over that year before she came to physical therapy, Claudia had her pain disappear and reappear for no reason.  She went to see a chiropractor and her personal physician but none of that helped.

She took the pain medication, had the x-rays taken, and even and had a MRI but nothing helped.  She then came to see the friendly faces at Intecore Physical Therapy.

Claudia felt improvement after her first visit at physical therapy.  During the next six weeks, physical therapy consisted of tissue massage to reduce tight musculature, flexibility exercises to improve mobility, hands on manual therapy to improve mobility of the joints in the low back, and exercises to increase core and hip strength.

At the end of physical therapy Claudia was able to return to her normal life.  She was able to be more active with her kids and their activities and more importantly she was able to resume her primary activity…being a wife and mom!  Does this sound familiar?  Click HERE to schedule a Free Discovery Visit to show how we can help you too!

Andrew Vertson

Andrew received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from California State University, Fresno in 1991. He then earned his Master’s degree of Physical Therapy in 1996 and his Doctorate degree of Physical Therapy in 2002 from Loma Linda University. In 1996 he also earned his Certification as an Athletic Trainer. He has also completed extensive post-graduate course work in orthopedic manual therapy through Kaiser-West Los Angeles and the Ola Grimsby Institute.
Andrew Vertson

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