You Shouldn’t Ignore Those Aches and Pains

You Shouldn't Ignore Those Aches and Pains - shoulder pain

Prior injuries, lack of physical activity, and existing chronic conditions increase the risk of injury. The pain felt may range from mild ache to a sharp, severe, pain. It is common for people to assume a good night’s sleep will cure the pain.  Often this pain worsens the next morning. When the muscles and joints…

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Your Turkey Trot Shouldn’t Knock You Down

Your Turkey Trot Shouldn’t Knock You Down - Running GroupFotolia 78343092 M

With Thanksgiving only one week away, many people are laced up for their annual “Turkey Trot” race.  Many of those taking part will develop severe foot pain after the race, a pain called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is generally considered an overuse syndrome of the “plantar fascia” and is a common problem in the foot. …

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Snow Board & Skate Board Injury Prevention

As more snowboarders hit the slopes and features, one must expect a higher incidence of injuries. The most common injuries for snowboarders are wrist injuries which can vary from a simple strain to a complicated fracture. One way to avoid these injuries are to use wrist splints or a glove with a support built into…

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Are You Ready to Run, Injury FREE?

Hey Runners, are you frustrated with constant injuries, too many set backs, and lack of quality runs, or runs at all? It’s time to return to your training again and enjoy your runs, and stay injury free. Does this sound familiar: • I have not been able to run for weeks (or months)….and I have…

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Common Runner’s Injuries

I have vast experience as a runner, and have been treating runners for almost 30 years. Runners can have a wide assortment of injuries; many of these can require physical therapy to recover from. I am going to review some of the more common injuries that runners can develop, how to recognize them, and what…

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