Physical Therapy & Fitness After 50!

Physical Therapy & Fitness After 50! - after 50

As we age, we progress through different stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and late adulthood.  As we move into our “senior” years it more important to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  As we age there are changes in all our body systems, including the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Some common conditions and illnesses include: osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, heart…

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A Moving Body Is A Healthy Body

A Moving Body Is A Healthy Body - family running

When someone talks about “being healthy” most people assume healthy means eating the right food. Actually, eating the right things is just one aspect of being healthy.  Having strong muscles and bones is just as essential for having a healthy body and a healthy life.   Activity is just as important to your heart, lungs, and…

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Two Simple Fixes To Curb Inflammation

Two Simple Fixes To Curb Inflammation - inflamation

The word “inflammation” usually has a negative connotation about it. Good inflammation is an important part of healing and is your body’s natural way of protecting itself when you are injured or sick.  It helps your body to defend and stimulate natural healing.  Conversely, chronic inflammation can be harmful to your body and it is…

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Language Of Back Pain

The language of back pain, how people describe the pain, is noteworthy and revealing to your physical therapist. Spine problems affect people across the globe with the low back commonly seen as something trivial and is often a dismissed condition by patients and doctors alike.  Low back pain is felt in the lower area of…

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Easy Ways To Avoid Back Pain

Low Back Pain is a common problem that affect as much as 80% of the population some time in their lives.  This intense, and often chronic pain can be caused by injury, overwork or disease.  Management of the pain and disability commonly includes physical therapy or other medical specialist in order to reduce the pain…

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Summer is now here… as we approach the “heat of the summer” you should be aware of your need for fluids.  If you are exercising, spending time in the sun, or are under the weather, you can more easily become dehydrated.  Once dehydration starts your body begins to shut down, except for vital functions.  Luckily…

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Dormant Butt Syndrome

Much has been discussed with regards to chronic pain and the myriad of reasons to cause this: poor posture, repetitive stress, poor ergonomics, etc.  A “new” medical diagnosis is becoming more common…Dormant Butt Syndrome or DBS. Your gluteus maximus muscles are the largest (and one of the strongest) muscles in your body.  The gluteus maximus,…

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Is That Painful Shoulder Limiting Your Fun Time?

At the end of the day do you experience bothersome shoulder pain?  Is that cranky shoulder preventing you from playing that game of tennis or playing with your grand kids?  Does that achy shoulder wake you up in the middle of the night?  You are not alone, a significant number of people suffer with shoulder…

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Memorial Day

Freedom comes at the cost of many lives and Memorial Day is a remembrance of all those men and women that lost their life while serving in the armed forces. This honorary day is celebrated across the United States of America on the last Monday in May. The first official observance of Memorial Day was…

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Saving You Money

So I get asked this question a lot: “What’s the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist?” (as in, who’s the “best” one to see, to have back pain solved?) In order to really answer it, I have to ask you a question… “What do you want to happen?”? Do you want to keep…

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