Four Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Four Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season - Fotolia 95752945 shopping

The “true” holiday season starts at Halloween and doesn’t end until after the New Year.  We tend to become busy with shopping, cooking, and holiday parties and often lose sight of our health.

Four Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season - Fotolia 95752945 shopping

Here are 4 simple tricks designed to keep you healthy and happy this holiday season.

  1. Eat Foods and nutrients that provide energy and keep your body healthy.  Some of these foods include legumes, nuts/seeds, proteins.  Also, ensure your diet maintains a healthy level of vegetables.  With the days shortening and your bodies internal clock changing make sure you do not eat too much and eat too late in the evening.  Allow your body time to digest before you go to bed.
  2. Exercise and physical activity is more critical this time of the year.  Maintaining your aerobic activity helps keep your immune system strong, preventing you from catching common illnesses.  With the weather cooling, you are more apt to experience those aches and pains.  Having a good stretching program will reduce these issues.
  1. Eating well and maintaining a regular exercise routine are huge keys to staying healthy. On the other hand, adequate sleep and minimizing stress are also important. Make sure you leave the mall before closing time so you can unwind and get to bed at a decent hour.  Also, enjoying the company of friends and family members provides emotional nutrients your body craves.
  2. If you are planning to travel take water and snacks. Ample water allows you to maintain proper hydration and snacks prevent you from becoming too hungry and over eating.  Staying hydrated allows the body to remove toxins at the cellular level preventing your immune system from becoming compromised.  Lastly, carry (and utilize) a natural hand sanitizer to prevent those germs from taking charge.

These four small tips will go a long way to keep you healthy, and HAPPY during this holiday season!  Are you suffering from some nagging aches and pain that just don’t seem to go away?  Click Here to Schedule a time to meet with a physical therapist to find out the real cause!

Andrew Vertson

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