The Importance of Hydration

Winter quickly turned to early spring in February. People are getting outdoors and participating in recreational sports, running and cycling. Hydration is always an important component to a healthy workout. With the warmer temperatures hydration is even more critical as elevated air temperature increases sweating making fluid replacement vital.

Prepare your body for workouts by drinking 15-20 oz. of water 2 hours before activity.
During activity you should drink about 10 oz. of water about every 20 minutes. Fifteen to 20 minutes after activity, 15-20 oz. of water or an electrolyte replacement drink helps the body recover.

Remember, thirst is a warning sign that you are already dehydrated! Don’t wait for thirst, cramping, impaired muscle strength, fatigue or other much worse symptoms such as mental confusion before you hydrate.

Eric Welker, MA, ATC, PTA

Andrew Vertson

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