Pool Physical Therapy

Fun in the sun, Its summer time!

summerIt is summer time and pools are starting to get warm enough to take a dip. Did you know that you can do physical therapy exercises in the pool? The pool is a great place to continue doing your exercises that your therapist gave to you for home use. Here are some benefits of using your pool for physical therapy:

  • The water helps to decrease stress on your joints
  • You will have decreased pain
  • The buoyance of the water will assist your extremities and helps with resistance for movements
  • Depth of the water is important! It can increase or decrease the amount of weight you have on your legs. If you are in water that is up to your chest then you are only using 30-40% of your body weight but if you are at waist level then you are using half of your weight.
  • Being in the pool can also help with edema because of the hydrostatic pressure.
  • Did you know that the water in the pool can give you a “massaging effect” as you fight to move in the water!
  • Water workouts are great for cardiovascular conditioning; it also helps to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.

So for all of you who are able to take a dip in the pool this summer keep in mind the benefits of exercising in there while you are having fun!

Heather Hunt, PTA

Andrew Vertson

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