Exercise… Your Wonder Drug For A Healthy Life…

Last week I wrote about two simple ways to become a healthier person (click here to read that blog). One way is through eating proper food and the second is increased activity. Of all things that can provide the best results to your health…physical activity is number 1.


In 2015, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published an article stating exercises was the wonder drug to your life. This wasn’t based simply on the conclusion of medical professionals but a result of controlled research trials. Researches showed improvements pain, strength, and overall aerobic capacity in patients with multiple types of arthritis just from increased exercise and activity. Other research showed that middle aged people who suffered a heart attack had more than 25% reduced mortality as a result of exercise therapy. Hundreds of studies have shown exercises reduces hypertension, improves cholesterol, and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Retrospective review of research can make a good argument that exercise is as good as drugs for many chronic health conditions. Exercise has been found to be equally good in preventing mortality from coronary artery disease and in preventing death among patients from strokes.

The exercise recommendation will vary, but simple activities such as walking briskly (3-4 miles per hour) is beneficial. Simply, any activity to increase your heart rate between 110 and 130 beats per minute will provide the benefits of activity.

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Andrew Vertson

Andrew received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from California State University, Fresno in 1991. He then earned his Master’s degree of Physical Therapy in 1996 and his Doctorate degree of Physical Therapy in 2002 from Loma Linda University. In 1996 he also earned his Certification as an Athletic Trainer. He has also completed extensive post-graduate course work in orthopedic manual therapy through Kaiser-West Los Angeles and the Ola Grimsby Institute.
Andrew Vertson

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