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Recently there was research performed to determine the cost and effectiveness of direct access to physical therapy care versus having to been seen by a physician and then referred to physical therapy. (Heidi A. Ojha, Rachel S. Snyder and Todd E. Davenport PHYS THER. 2014; 94:14-30.)

“Direct Access Physical Therapy Compared with Referred Physical Therapy”

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A synopsis of the research is…
Background: Evidence suggests that physical therapy through direct access may help decrease costs and improve patient outcomes compared with physical therapy by physician referral.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic review of the literature on patients with musculoskeletal injuries and compare health care costs and patient outcomes in episodes of physical therapy by direct access compared with referred physical therapy.

Study Selection: Included studies compared data from physical therapy by direct access with physical therapy by physician referral, studying cost, outcomes, or harm.

Data Synthesis: There is evidence that physical therapy by direct access compared with referred episodes of care is associated with improved patient outcomes and decreased costs.

Conclusions: Physical therapy by way of direct access may contain health care costs and promote high-quality health care. Third-party payers should consider paying for physical therapy by direct access to decrease health care costs and incentivize optimal patient outcomes.

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